About Us

The Connected in Central Florida networking group is for those in greater Orlando area who wish to develop their networks with a strong local group of LinkedIn members. We will encourage networking through local events, lunch & learns, and other social events that will allow members to turn their virtual connections into beneficial real connections. If you are looking for a group to engage and grow with, please join us!

We are working hard to keep this group growing strong and you can help by inviting other professionals like yourself to join! Go to our group page and click on the “Invite Others” blue box on the right. It’s that simple! Here is an example of what I say when I invite people to the group… feel free to use any or all of it!

Our group is comprised of local people in all industries, so it’s engaging and entertaining.
In addition to the online aspects we also have regular events and special events based on the needs and desires of the members. I hope you’ll join me and get involved! If you want to belong to a networking group that strives to provide a great opportunity for local professionals to network with other purpose-driven professionals like yourself, then this group is for you!