How to Earn Your CCF “Connected” Pin

  1. Join CCF and be ‘1st’ connected to Dusty Rollins and Arin Rollins on Linkedln. This will enable us to introduce you to others in the group.
  2. Come to a coffee with Dusty.
  3. Come to at least one other CCF event. (luncheon, mixer, training, etc.)
  4. Invite and bring into the group five other people. This will help everyone involved build their networks.
  5. Shared process : You need to have shared what you do in your business and learn what Dusty and Arin do in their business. This enables Dusty to connect you with others in the group in a more meaningful way. This visit is scheduled by Arin and is a one-on-one visit with Dusty.  Please reach out to or (call or text 321.295.9287) to schedule yours today!

After you have completed these easy steps, which can actually be done fairly quickly, then you will have earned your “Connected” pin. This coveted Item will be presented to you at a future event. Everyone who earns their pins will have more exposure to the group. You will have a personal Introduction Post on LinkedIn and from there earn the ability to post items that others cannot on the group page and the website. Finally, there will be “Connected Only” events for those who have earned their pins.

So, one can be a member of the group and come to events and be involved without earning a pin. But those who earn their pin will have even more access to the group and to having Dusty help build your network!

Recent Pin Earners:

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