How to Invite New Members

Our group, Connected in Central Florida, is almost to 2000 members!
We are working hard to keep this group growing strong and you can help by inviting other professionals like yourself to join! We want to pass the 2000 member mark! Here is a simple way to invite others…

Send them the link to our website and click on “Join the Group” on the front page.  It’s that simple!
Here is an example of what to say when you invite people to the group… feel free to use any or all of it!

“Here’s the link to my LinkedIn Group that I think you would find very valuable!
(just click “Ask to Join” top right when you get there…)
Connected In Central Florida
Our group is comprised of local people in all industries, so it’s engaging and entertaining. The purpose of our group is to “Make Meaningful Connections.”
In addition to the on-line aspects we also have regular events and special events based on the needs and desires of our members. I hope you’ll join me and get involved!”